Sponsorship Overview  

a sponsorship with perks at every price level!

Watch for our fresh Petfluencer blog plus print series under development. Coming Nov 2019.

Furry FunPlannera high-visibility digital AND print sponsorship! $250/month. Get your brand regularly in front of your customers!

Issue Sponsorship $2500  Exclusive to a single business, high impact.

Lend a Paw Sponsorship $50-$800 The sponsorship tripling the voice of animal welfare groups through the goodwill of your business! Entirely online.

Peas in a Pod Blog Series  $225/month with minimum 6-month commitment. Focus on pet health.

Speak! Sponsor Spot's new feature that gives the power of the pen to the experts in every area of pet care. $225/month includes banner ad in print and online plus social media posting.

Message publisher@spotmagazine.net for details