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Top Dog Winner - Pet Sitter

Portland Mutt Strut, LLC 

Proprietor:  Patricia McKinney

6411 NE Broadway Portland, OR

503-335-9889 *

Est. 2009


Philosophy/Mission:  Portland Mutt Strut believes that since your pets are part of your family, their role is to be their companion and caregiver when you cannot.  They include themselves in your family unit because their goal is to care for, love and nurture your pet’s happiness.  Their passion for pets comes through in their professional commitment, reliability and dedication to your furchilden. 

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service:  Mutt Strut specializes in pets that are challenging to others – dominant, dog-aggressive, fearful, shy, or other special needs pets are where they shine.  Their Animal Care Companions are volunteers at the Oregon Humane Society where they have trained and honed their animal handling skills.  As continual learners, Mutt Strut professionals strive to excel in all aspects of their profession.  Dog training classes help to enhance their abilities and knowledge so they can serve their clients at the highest level of professionalism.  Mutt Strut’s clients are their number-one priority.

Community Involvement, Special Notes:  Mutt Strut’s ties to the Oregon Humane Society go deep and strong, as they believe in the rehabilitation and re-homing of displaced companion animals.   They are directly involved with OHS in the rescue of abused and neglected animals.  Mutt Strut also supporters and volunteers with Portland Animal Welfare Team (PAW) in caring for animals of low-income families in need. In the Portland community, they also volunteer with the Arts at Portland Center for the Performing Arts and Portland Center Stage.